Annoyances: Part II – Abusing Social Media

Social media has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Sure, I have a Facebook account, and I check it out sometimes, but you won’t see my status updating once every 20 minutes. Not because my life is so boring -trust me, it’s not-, but I’m a private person. Hell, I won’t even tell you my real name on this blog! And not just because the failing-at-dieting-chick will probably throw a can of Diet Coke at me when she finds out who I am (although there must be more like her out there), but just because it doesn’t matter. And sure, some of my posts will be a bit more of a “look into my daily life”, but I only write to empty my head and amuse people. I don’t need anybody’s sympathy for whatever I might “secretly share” here in the future, I just want y’all to have a good time here. Just to be clear on that :)

Back to the problem… Social media. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever else is out there. In itself, some are a great idea, like Facebook. For me, it’s a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends who are scattered all over the world. Share some pictures, thoughts, whatever, up to a certain point. For everything that’s none of anybody’s business, there’s Skype, right? But some people just take that shit too far.

Take for instance the “relationship status” thing. Mine’s set to “no answer”, because everybody who needs to know, knows. If I know what my relationship status is myself, that is. But other people have a real status. I understand that, especially when you can set it to “X is in a relationship with REALLY HOT PERSON”. But these statuses, and specifically negative changes in them, make for some pretty good drama, as most of you are probably already well aware of.

Is this really worth getting worked up for? Meh… Not really. But it gets worse. A lot. A while ago, an old friend of mine posted the following (not an exact quote by the way, I tried to translate the best I could):

“We had the 20 week ultrasound. Our baby boy’s skull didn’t develop correctly. As a result of that, he will die before or shortly after birth. We didn’t see this coming”.

After reading that, I didn’t know what to think. Of course, I felt awful for her, but seriously… Posting this on Facebook?! Even after definitely not posting that you’re pregnant in the first place? Come on… What the hell is wrong with you? Are you in that big of a need for attention? And (now I’m gonna get really mean so please skip this part) seriously, how couldn’t you have seen it coming when you picked epic-genetic-failure for a babydaddy?, but that one’s beside the point here.

-FYI, I’m very well aware that it’s a really harsh example, and some of you might think of me as a heartless bitch for using this in my stupid rant, but that’s okay. I’ve never seen myself as a nice person.

Anyway… For the ones that are still with me here; there’s more. Twitter! Who the fuck came up with that? Microblogging is so not my thing because you can’t rant your ass of in only 160 characters or so. I guess it serves a purpose somewhere, but again, people are taking it too far. Twitter oftentimes is too much information, too frequently. Now I can sort of understand why some lunatics would like to share every fart with the rest of the world. But some people RETWEET FARTS! Why, god, why?!?! Don’t you have enough farts of your own?

Of course, it wouldn’t be halfway as annoying if there wasn’t a “love baby” between these. So, by far the worst thing is when Twitterers/Tweeters (?) connect their Facebook account to their Twitter account. I’ve unfriended people for pulling shit like that and updating their status every few minutes. I’ll call you when I start giving a damn, okay?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old-fashioned for this kind of shit. Or maybe I’m just missing the point somewhere. Hell, maybe I’m just plain deranged and uninterested in other people’s colonoscopies. Who knows. All I know is that some things are better left to yourself, and if you really *have* to share, blog anonymously or go see a shrink. I obviously couldn’t afford the latter.

Thanks for reading (and following, I’ve seen you)! And please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject :)