Monday Motivation


Just wanted to share my motivation for today with you guys :)

I totally forgot to tell you how lovely the last 2 weeks had been; big bad R. was on holiday! And work has never been so much fun. But as of today he’s back and ruining everybody’s mood again. Hence the reminder to use those muscles wisely!

There’s a story to the sparrow in the pic too; here in the Netherlands, there’s a saying “iemand blij maken met een dode mus”. Literally translated it means “to make somebody happy with a dead sparrow”, meaning… Putting something awesome in prospect, which turns out to be a huge disappointment (a.k.a. the dead sparrow). However, when you mix up the saying, you end up killing somebody with a happy sparrow. This once happened during lunch break (mixing up the saying, not the actual killing ;)), and has been an inside joke between us girls. N. (the one I mentioned had a stick up her ass back when I started on the job) worked a little Paint magic, and our happy sparrow, as you can see in the pic, was born. And I couldn’t have wished for a better illustration to the text!

Now let’s hope he’ll pick up the hint… ;)

Thank you for reading :)



Quote Of The Day: I

One of the things in life I love most, is hanging out with people that I love. They’re all so very different, but they have one thing in common: a crazy sense of humor. My best friend is, of course, one of them. So the other day, after I had that horrible job interview, we decided to meet up because he was curious how things went. I told him pretty much everything I’ve told you, and that “80%” thing has even become an inside joke for us.

After a while I got hungry, and at exactly that moment a TV commercial was on, which announced that the Big Tasty was available again at McDonald’s. And that calorie bomb (I believe it was over 1000 kCal) happens to be my favourite burger ever. Of course, he didn’t quite agree, and started about this Chili Chicken Burger that was waaaay better than a Big Tasty, according to him. I told him that it sounded disgusting, and he replied;

“It’s the best thing ever. If I could fuck it, I would!”

At first I thought I misunderstood and asked “What the fuck did you just say?”.  I should’ve known better, because he repeated the above and I almost peed my pants laughing. It was the funniest thing I had heard on that humorless day, and I thought it deserved to be mentioned in a post. Hell, I even laughed my ass off writing about it now! So I hope you’ve enjoyed this small and useless post!

Do you have any funny quotes/anecdotes to share? Feel free to share them in the comment section!

Thanks for reading :)