A Little Bit Of DIY

I had this post planned for ages, but for some reason things just didn’t work out. Work’s still a bore, my neurons are still suicidal, so nothing new there. However, feeling un-challenged and all has an upside; I’ve decided that I just ought to spend my off-work time by doing things that are fun and relaxing. It’s still a bit hard to get started, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it :)

I’ve always enjoyed everything creative. Whether it’s writing, drawing, making music, cooking or even pottery, those kind of “projects”, as I like to call them, always get me in a great state of mind. I don’t know, there’s just something about that feeling when you’re totally focusing on “making” something, and don’t even get me started on the euphoria when it’s finally finished! So today, I’d like to share the outcome of one of my latest wannabe-creative outbursts. It all started… With a pair of boots:

Cute… But something’s missing, don’t you think? (Source)

Usually I don’t buy anything I’m not 100% excited about, but I just had this feeling I could do something with these boots and bought them. And in a sudden state of clearmindedness I decided that studs were the answer. Lots and lots of them! I bought a shitload off eBay (which is, next to Google, my best friend these days… Partly because it’s one of the few sites I can access from work, haha), sat down for an evening, and there they were… The boots that I really wanted:

Exit boring, hello rock ‘n roll!

All in all they cost me a few euro’s, a few hours, very painful fingers and despite totally ruining my manicure, I was pleased with my new, unique boots :) Small price, big change. So… What do you think of this transformation?

Since I’m finally doing something interesting (haha), I’ll probably be posting a bit more about my little projects, and whining about work a little less. I guess that’s progress, right? ;) And since I have a brand new camera (courtesy of le man, who’s been trying to get me to write again for quite a while and took away my excuse of having a crappy cam), there’s going to be a lot more pictures too. Yay! But please bear with me while I figure the damn thing out, lol.

I’m kind of looking forward to being back and doing something new here, and I hope you’ll like it as much as I probably will. It is a bit scary though, hence the “kind of” part, but I guess I’ll just have to get over that!

Aaaanyway… Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed.



Thank You, Murphy

One of the things that always cracks me up is my old poster of Murphy’s Law. I once got it from a friend, and ever since it’s been hanging on the door of my room at my parents’ place. Since I’ve been absent lately, I figured I’d try and make up with you guys by posting something funny again, so here goes:

So, so true! (Source: Google)

I had to take it off Google somewhere because I won’t be able to take a decent picture of it any time soon, so I apologize for the watermark. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Again my apologies for being so boring and mostly “not here”, I’ve been severely uninspired lately, or maybe I just still am. On top of that, there’s another DIY home improvement project going on so I guess I’m a little preoccupied by that to produce anything useful here.

Thanks for reading, and until another time!



Jobhunt: Update I

I’m just gonna get to the point straight away: I have another job interview tomorrow! It’s for one of the two jobs I applied to last week :) Received a phone call from the company yesterday, had a good talk with the recruitment lady, and tomorrow I’m gonna be so awesome! I hope…

The job in itself is quite unlike anything I’ve ever done before; it’s Junior Consultant at an employment agency specialized in ICT. Basically, I’m supposed to be some kind of matchmaker, matching the right job to the right person. I guess I know all about how important the right match is…

I’m really excited right now, and maybe even a little nervous. I’ve checked the map 100 times now, just to try and not get lost: I even Google Streetviewed it! I really hope Streetview is in dire need of an update cause all I could find is a huge construction site. And if all else fails, my phone has GPS. So bring it on!


I didn’t lie about the construction site!

Let’s just hope that job interview won’t be as ridiculous as my previous one :) But if nothing else, it won’t take up 4 hours of my time to travel there and back. And that’s a good thing, because the weather forecast isn’t on my side at all… Rain, rain and more rain is predicted!

Aaaanyway… Enough babbling! I still have to figure out what to wear, and that’s a day’s work in itself :)

Thanks for reading!



P.S.: Does anybody have an idea why it’s such a pain in the ass to add a picture to a post while using Google Chrome? If Chrome was kill-able, I would’ve killed it.

I Don’t Do “80%”!

Yesterday was “D-Day” part II; I had the aforementioned job interview at that big company. I’ve spent quite a few days doing “homework” on them, and studying Google Maps to make sure I wouldn’t get lost on my way there (I have a special talent for getting lost), so I felt really prepared. Yay me! So yesterday, I got up, had my coffee, got suited up, slapped on some make-up, put on a pair of heels and off I went. I had to take a train to a station nearby them, and from there it would be a 13 minute walk, which I had not only memorized, but drawn and written down as well. Just in case.

Everything went perfectly according to plan, until the walking part. According to Google Maps I’d have to take a right on a certain road, but that road was never found. Nevertheless, I found the place, although the walk took me 25 minutes. I was 30 minutes early, which I figured would look nice because they all love punctuality. So I entered the lion’s den, received a “visitor” pass from one of the ladies at the front desk, and waited. Unfortunately, punctuality was not the strongest suit of the two I had the appointment with, so I had to wait a bit longer than expected. No big deal, I wasn’t really nervous anyway, and there was enough to do with all the people walking by.

Ten minutes later, a woman walks up to me, leads me into a sort of glass box that’s supposed to be the interview room, and tells me to stay put until she gets her colleague. A few moments later, the party is complete, and we can get started. She tells a little bit about the company structure, and how it’s still a bit of a chaotic company. I reply by telling her that chaos is my favourite work environment – not a lie by the way. Then she asks me to tell something about myself, and I start blabbing, about where I live and my current job (didn’t quite mention that I’m not working any more), and that I love challenges and learning new skills. And then the questioning begins.

“What do you think you can learn here?”

“Well, I think I can learn… Uhm…” *blabs something about how it’s a different branch so I must be able to learn how this branch works or something*

Oh shit. Then they disagree with me that it’s really different, and I’m thinking, “you have no idea what you’re talking about”. But okay. Whatever. More questions:

“If we talk to your colleagues, what will they tell us were your strongest points?”

“Hmm, I have to say I’m not really good at talking about my strong points. But I think they’ll tell you I’m very driven, and very thorough.”

“Okay. So what are your weak points? Points that you need to work on? That must be easier.”

“Well… I’m a little impatient, I don’t like it if I need somebody to do something for me and they’re really slow.”

“Oh really? And what do you do when that happens?”

“I tell them nicely that this is important and it needs to be done within a certain time limit. The trick here is to let them think they’re doing something really, really important. Then they’ll do everything you say.”

True story, I promise. I expected them to be totally wowed by this insight, but they just stare at me like I’m some kind of lunatic. But then the best part starts; the “what ifs”:

“So what do you do when you have, let’s say, a deadline on Friday, and you need somebody to do something for you, but they don’t have the time for it? Because everybody has their own priorities.”

“Well, I try to get them to do it anyway. And if not, there’s always a Plan B, another way to get the results you want or need.”

“Okay, but what if you have 80% finished?”

“I don’t do 80%.”

“Fine, but what if you have 80% and you need to hand it in?”

“Then I give 120% next time.”

“But you can’t always give 100%. It’s a hectic, dynamic environment here. We’re satisfied with 80%.”

“Well, then I guess giving 80% is what I can learn here.”

People, believe it or not, but I was totally flabbergasted. One of the biggest Dutch companies is living off 80% of work, commitment and whatnot. For a moment, I thought I was stuck in some kind of Twilight Zone or something like that. Then the guy asks me the following:

“So what would you do if you’re organising a huge discount campaign, which will be in the newsletter, and in the end it turns out that your supplier didn’t send the goods yet so they won’t be there in time for the campaign?”

“Like I said, I always have a Plan B. We take it out of the newsletter, replace it with Plan B, and then I’ll contact the supplier to see what the hell he’s doing. I’ll probably get away with an extra discount, because we had an agreement here, and he didn’t hold up his end. At least, that’s how it usually goes when something like this happens. I can be very convincing.”

Again, they’re staring at me like I said that I will go out and murder the supplier or something. But in my experience, if you’re a good client, the supplier will do everything to keep you as a client. And I can be very persuasive; I guess in a way I’m a professional bitch.

They rushed through a few more questions because it was almost lunchtime (very professional, huh?), and then I was free to go. They said that they’d discuss the interview, and they’ll call me next week. I politely thanked both of them for their time, and got the fuck out of there. I’ve had a few job interviews before, I swear to god, these were the most boring, arrogant and humorless people I’ve ever met. I’m somebody who likes to brighten up the mood by being funny. They didn’t even smile. They do know how to market themselves though; if you read the “working with us” page on their website, you’d almost think working there is like working at a Dutch version of Google. Newsflash: they lie.

All in all, I don’t think it was a big success. But to be really honest; I couldn’t care less. I can hardly remember the last time somebody made me feel so small, and I’m an ass for letting “80% people” make me feel like that. I don’t need to learn from them; they need to learn from me how to give everything.

Thanks for reading, I hope I’ve managed to make some of you laugh. And if not, I know the perfect work spot for you! ;)