I Should’ve Known Better

I just finished my third week at the new job, and boy, how different it’s been from the previous two! In very short: I hated it. And as you may or may not have guessed, that has something to do with R..

The big bad R. finally showed his true colours this week, and I think it’s safe to say he’s in my top 3 of “biggest assholes I’ve ever met”. Hell, he might even outgrow that category if he keeps going on like he does!

So, what did he do to deserve this not-so-honourable title? There’s a few main reasons:

#1. He’s been treating me like a two-year-old. And by that I don’t mean he’s been nice and caring like one might be towards a toddler. Nope, his demeanor is more of a “you don’t know sh*t, missy” kind of thing. And it’s not just that, but he apparently gets off on making people feel worthless. He’s the best, and you’re waaaaay down somewhere, being a nasty piece of nothingness. There’s one “positive” aspect on this one though; he doesn’t just do it to me, but even to people who’ve worked at the company for over 40 years (and thus longer than him). It’s not much of a consolation, but it helps me to not burst out in tears every time he has a fit of arrogance.

#2. He’s been falsely accusing me and one of my colleagues, V., of changing up item properties in the system. On Wednesday he just came into our office, telling us that we’d made a mistake. No big deal, we’re both pretty new so mistakes can happen, right? Upon his explanation of the mistake -we confirmed the arrival of a product with a product number that didn’t correspond with the number in the system- I was already getting pissed off. It’s the exact same thing, apart from the factory’s item number. Book it in, and get the f*ck over it!

But of course, being the over-elaborate godlike creature he thinks he is, he goes on and on and on about it, telling my colleague to look up the product in the system. When she typed in the item number, it turned out the properties were changed in an incorrect way. And that’s where the accusations start. “One of us two” had to have done it, because nobody else would, and not that many people have the authorization to do so. But guess what? Neither me nor V. know how that shit’s supposed to be changed in the first place! And he should know that, because he’s never taken the time to explain it to us in the first place. Obviously, he didn’t think of that because how could he ever be wrong, right?

At that time, I was busy putting paperwork away into a way-too-full ordner, and my hands were itching to pick it up and smack him with it. On the head. Multiple times. Instead, I smiled my sweetest smile, and simply said “You have the authorization to change properties as well, right?”. Which brings us to…

#3. He looked at me like he saw water burning, and said “You need to get your time slips signed, don’t you?”. These time slips are weekly overviews of my hours, which I have to get signed at the office, and send to the employment agency, else I don’t get my pay. He freakin’ threatened me! “Luckily, you’re not the one who has to sign them”, I said, and forced myself to keep smiling, but my blood was boiling, and I actually even picked up the ordner, weighing it in my hands. Decided to put it back in its place (which wasn’t up his ass, I guess).

Luckily for me (and for him as well, but not for V.), he left me alone after that and focussed on V. entirely. I don’t know what I would have done if he’d uttered another word to me, and I didn’t have to find out because he didn’t come close to me for the rest of that day. Still, I was beyond pissed off, and my day was ruined. I even considered not coming back the next day, but then again, that’s not an option for me now.

The next day I had cooled down somewhat, and ran into him in the mail room. He started to rant again, and at one point said something about people disliking him, raising four fingers which indicated the four “downstairs” chicks I’ve been hanging out with the whole time, as if they’re the reason I could feed him to the crocodiles. I smiled, and said “No, it’s just this”, and raised one finger, indicating him. Again, he threatened me in his subtle way, telling me I should watch out what I say and to whom I say it.

I’m not a hateful person by nature, but this man brings out the worst in me. Fortunately, a colleague of mine explained that W., the man I had my interview with and is in fact my boss, is waaay higher up in the hierarchy. However, I still don’t get why R.’s still there, since he’s nothing more than an accountant. Give me some accountancy lessons and I’ll be happy to replace! In the mean time, I’ll do my darnedest best not to walk away – it’s not my style.

Thanks for reading and commenting once again! Any ideas on how to get rid of this man are welcome, by the way ;)




Expect The Expected

So… Yesterday was supposed to be another “D-Day” kind of thing for me. I should’ve known better. I received a text from him telling me he’s having a flu and that we should give it another try next week. Normally, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal, right? Unless… You’ve known this man for 3 years, and have seen him do exactly that to other people all the time. Sure, he might have been sick for real, but to me it sounds like somebody is crying wolf.

I already had a bad feeling about the whole meeting up thing, and I wasn’t the only one. Le man didn’t think I was being paranoid, and my best friend even called me a derp after hearing I was to meet up with him, and told me it would’ve ended badly. (I love you too!) So on the one hand, I was kind of relieved he canceled. But on the other hand, I’m extremely pissed off  that he’s still trying to play his shitty games with me. As if it wasn’t bad enough he made me feel like a criminal.

Right now, I’m in a huge dilemma. I can play nice, pretend it’s all good and give it another go next week, because he might be able to land me a job at some of the firms I’ve worked with the past couple of years. I’ve seen him do it before, albeit with girls he’s slept with. But I can also tell him that he can “strategically place his lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly”*. You’ve probably guessed that this option appeals to me a little more, for the time being. Then again, if I go for option #2, I might not get the job reference I need, which will make it even harder to find something new.

I’m going to have to give this a lot of thought. What would you do if you were in my place? Be nice and wise, or tell him to take a hike?

Thanks for reading, despite my not-so-fun kind of moods!



*Quote is a slightly edited version from the movie Dark Shadows.

Time For Some Closure

As I’ve already told you in my post about my last day on the job, I said goodbye to pretty much everybody at work. But I didn’t mention that there was one person whom I didn’t see that day, while I should have, and that’s the company owner. I was told he wasn’t feeling well, and that he’d give me a call later that week. He didn’t.

Him not calling me wasn’t entirely unexpected; I’ve known him for three years now, and he’s… Well, let’s just call it “special” for now. Although mentally deranged would be a more adequate description. Nevertheless, I had a hard time with it. It made me feel like I was some kind of criminal, who had done everything to ruin his company. We’ve had a couple of those in the years I’ve been working there, so I didn’t quite see where I fit in, but okay.

Three days ago, the unexpected happened; I received a text message from him. He asked me how I was doing, apologized for not saying goodbye, and asked me if I wanted to meet up to do it after all. After I replied to him that I’d like to, he was genuinely surprised that I wasn’t angry, and asked me if I’d like to have dinner and a drink. I said yes. So we planned it for tonight. And I’m nervous about it. Maybe even outright scared! I mean… Why did the decide to contact me after a month? I might be paranoid, but I don’t trust this entirely.

Of course, I could’ve said “no” and let it go, but like I said, I felt really awful for being “treated” like that. I need to say goodbye to let it go. Now I really have to mention here that the company I’ve worked at was very small, so in a way, it was like a little “family” we had there. Hell, it even felt like it was “my company”. And that’s what’s making all of this so hard for me. So I really hope that after tonight things will be better. I will let you know, but in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for me. Just in case…