Monday Motivation


Just wanted to share my motivation for today with you guys :)

I totally forgot to tell you how lovely the last 2 weeks had been; big bad R. was on holiday! And work has never been so much fun. But as of today he’s back and ruining everybody’s mood again. Hence the reminder to use those muscles wisely!

There’s a story to the sparrow in the pic too; here in the Netherlands, there’s a saying “iemand blij maken met een dode mus”. Literally translated it means “to make somebody happy with a dead sparrow”, meaning… Putting something awesome in prospect, which turns out to be a huge disappointment (a.k.a. the dead sparrow). However, when you mix up the saying, you end up killing somebody with a happy sparrow. This once happened during lunch break (mixing up the saying, not the actual killing ;)), and has been an inside joke between us girls. N. (the one I mentioned had a stick up her ass back when I started on the job) worked a little Paint magic, and our happy sparrow, as you can see in the pic, was born. And I couldn’t have wished for a better illustration to the text!

Now let’s hope he’ll pick up the hint… ;)

Thank you for reading :)



Annoyances: Part V – Can You Spare Some Change?

I don’t like beggars, I really don’t.  In a large city like the one I live in it’s not entirely unusal that they’re there, and if you spend a lot of time in the city centre you pretty much “know” all of them. But lately, it seems like there’s an invasion new ones, a kind of gypsies I think, and they’re freakin’ everywhere! Out on the street, on public transportation, in supermarkets, you name it and they’re there. And not all of them are actually “active” beggars. There’s one young woman, one of the new ones, who just sits there holding up a paper cup. All day.

Those people piss me off beyond belief. Feel free to think I’m a bad person for feeling that way, but I just want to go up to them and tell them to get a fucking job like normal people do. In fact, I think that might happen some time soon. Either that, or I’m going to have a career switch, because those people make *a lot* of money. My brother told me the other day that one of them, a creepy old lady, comes into the store he works at to exchange approximately €200,- worth of coins into bills. Can you believe that shit?

That woman is one of many beggars on my way home, so I guess I should be used to ignoring them, but I’m not. Yesterday, I had two encounters. The first one was with a familiar guy who’s a druggie, and I think he’s been around forever. He asked me and le man for some change, and I said “no, I’m sorry”. When the beggar left, my boyfriend asked me why in hell I said “sorry” in the first place (he just said “no”). To be honest, I don’t know. I guess it’s an automated response, because I say it every damn time, although I truly am not sorry.

The second encounter was a bit worse. It was on the parking lot of a supermarket, and we were on our way home when a woman on an electric scooter asked us for an euro. The way I see it, anyone on an electric scooter who isn’t an elderly, is a lazy piece of shit. Now I do have to nuance this a little, before y’all think I’ve completely lost my mind; there’s a specific kind of people who own these scooters. I think the best way to describe that type so that everybody understands what I mean is inbred white trash. They don’t work, live off welfare and reproduce like rabbits but don’t take the trouble to actually raise their children. And guess who pays for all those scooters they ride? Exactly…

Anyway, this particular specimen was on a scooter and wearing Nikes. Nikes, for fuck’s sake! I wanted to yell at her that she should get off her lazy ass and sell her freaking scooter so badly, but of course the only reply I had was “no, sorry”. After that I got into a rather funny discussion on the subject with le man, contemplating if it was a good idea to ask for a specific amount as opposed to leaving it open. I guess that’s the analyst in me, and it pairs very well with him being a marketing guy. We’d make the perfect beggar, haha!

The last few days have really left me wondering… Am I wrong in wondering why I should give out my hard earned cash to people who don’t even try to earn a living and/or buy drugs with it anyway? Am I a bad person for refusing to sponsor that shit? And, even more important, are the crazy gypsies going to curse my ass for refusing to spare some change?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, I hope I haven’t bored you with this rant today!



I Should’ve Known Better

I just finished my third week at the new job, and boy, how different it’s been from the previous two! In very short: I hated it. And as you may or may not have guessed, that has something to do with R..

The big bad R. finally showed his true colours this week, and I think it’s safe to say he’s in my top 3 of “biggest assholes I’ve ever met”. Hell, he might even outgrow that category if he keeps going on like he does!

So, what did he do to deserve this not-so-honourable title? There’s a few main reasons:

#1. He’s been treating me like a two-year-old. And by that I don’t mean he’s been nice and caring like one might be towards a toddler. Nope, his demeanor is more of a “you don’t know sh*t, missy” kind of thing. And it’s not just that, but he apparently gets off on making people feel worthless. He’s the best, and you’re waaaaay down somewhere, being a nasty piece of nothingness. There’s one “positive” aspect on this one though; he doesn’t just do it to me, but even to people who’ve worked at the company for over 40 years (and thus longer than him). It’s not much of a consolation, but it helps me to not burst out in tears every time he has a fit of arrogance.

#2. He’s been falsely accusing me and one of my colleagues, V., of changing up item properties in the system. On Wednesday he just came into our office, telling us that we’d made a mistake. No big deal, we’re both pretty new so mistakes can happen, right? Upon his explanation of the mistake -we confirmed the arrival of a product with a product number that didn’t correspond with the number in the system- I was already getting pissed off. It’s the exact same thing, apart from the factory’s item number. Book it in, and get the f*ck over it!

But of course, being the over-elaborate godlike creature he thinks he is, he goes on and on and on about it, telling my colleague to look up the product in the system. When she typed in the item number, it turned out the properties were changed in an incorrect way. And that’s where the accusations start. “One of us two” had to have done it, because nobody else would, and not that many people have the authorization to do so. But guess what? Neither me nor V. know how that shit’s supposed to be changed in the first place! And he should know that, because he’s never taken the time to explain it to us in the first place. Obviously, he didn’t think of that because how could he ever be wrong, right?

At that time, I was busy putting paperwork away into a way-too-full ordner, and my hands were itching to pick it up and smack him with it. On the head. Multiple times. Instead, I smiled my sweetest smile, and simply said “You have the authorization to change properties as well, right?”. Which brings us to…

#3. He looked at me like he saw water burning, and said “You need to get your time slips signed, don’t you?”. These time slips are weekly overviews of my hours, which I have to get signed at the office, and send to the employment agency, else I don’t get my pay. He freakin’ threatened me! “Luckily, you’re not the one who has to sign them”, I said, and forced myself to keep smiling, but my blood was boiling, and I actually even picked up the ordner, weighing it in my hands. Decided to put it back in its place (which wasn’t up his ass, I guess).

Luckily for me (and for him as well, but not for V.), he left me alone after that and focussed on V. entirely. I don’t know what I would have done if he’d uttered another word to me, and I didn’t have to find out because he didn’t come close to me for the rest of that day. Still, I was beyond pissed off, and my day was ruined. I even considered not coming back the next day, but then again, that’s not an option for me now.

The next day I had cooled down somewhat, and ran into him in the mail room. He started to rant again, and at one point said something about people disliking him, raising four fingers which indicated the four “downstairs” chicks I’ve been hanging out with the whole time, as if they’re the reason I could feed him to the crocodiles. I smiled, and said “No, it’s just this”, and raised one finger, indicating him. Again, he threatened me in his subtle way, telling me I should watch out what I say and to whom I say it.

I’m not a hateful person by nature, but this man brings out the worst in me. Fortunately, a colleague of mine explained that W., the man I had my interview with and is in fact my boss, is waaay higher up in the hierarchy. However, I still don’t get why R.’s still there, since he’s nothing more than an accountant. Give me some accountancy lessons and I’ll be happy to replace! In the mean time, I’ll do my darnedest best not to walk away – it’s not my style.

Thanks for reading and commenting once again! Any ideas on how to get rid of this man are welcome, by the way ;)



Annoyances: Part IV – Shopping Queens

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately, and I’ve noticed that there’s a ridiculous amount of stupid shit being broadcasted these days. One is a show called Shopping Queens. Each week, five different “girls” get a shopping assignment from a stylist called Fred van Leer. He gives them a theme (e.g. a high tea party where our princess Máxima will be), and they have 3 hours and €400,- to put together an outfit to go with that theme. In itself, this isn’t a bad concept, were it not that a lot of the participants in this show, as well as this Fred guy, are idiots. Let’s take a closer look at our so-called stylist:

Fred van Leer

A pink blazer over a denim jacket over a dress shirt? And don't even get me started on those fug shoes. (Pic found through my friend Google)

Am I the only one who can’t take this guy seriously? And guess what… It gets worse! He’s a mean ass bitch as well. I guess that’s part of the show, being the “mean gay stylist”, but really… He should consider taking a look in the mirror if you ask me.

Now I’m not saying that I’m the Mother of all Style; I do my own thing and I like it like that. And sometimes, there’s a contestant on the show that does exactly the same and keeps close to her own style, twisting it to fit the assignment. I guess not everybody wants to look like a freakin’ clone project. And what does Fred do? Bitch about it. Together with the other contestants.

Two days ago, one of the contestants bought all her items at thrift stores, because she has a certain vintage style of her own. Part of her outfit was a pair of culottes (a sort of hybrid between a skirt and trousers), which is something the other oh-so-stylish contestants had never seen before, and of course, Fred totally bashed her look. That made me wonder; when did having style mean that you had to do everything a certain way? Isn’t the epitome of having style doing things the way you like them and looking great while doing so? Truthfully speaking, I wouldn’t have put on that girl’s outfit if my life depended on it because it’s not my thing (and short people like me shouldn’t wear culottes), but she rocked the hell out of it, and made it work.

Sure, there’s a lot of serial fashion faux pas committers out there, and I’ll probably post about that too, but you can’t make a show on style and then verbally abuse every contestant who actually has a style of their own and picks something you wouldn’t wear. Style is what makes us different. And bashing those who have it, isn’t stylish at all, my dear Fred.

What’s your definition of style? Do you like to play safe and go with the flow? Or do you just like to go crazy and do your own thing?

Thanks for reading and commenting!



WordPress: Wtf?

I love to play around with numbers. Statistics, math, you name it, I like it. Hence, you can probably already guess that I can count pretty well. But WordPress is confusing me right now. I checked my stats, and yesterday I had an x amount of views. But the published post had more likes yesterday than there were viewers. How the hell is this possible? I’m seriously starting to doubt myself here! Somebody please tell me if I’m losing my mind here (could be, I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun, boiled brains and all that)!



P.S.: Thanks for all the reads, likes & follows… I can hardly believe people are actually enjoying my rants!

Annoyances: Part II – Abusing Social Media

Social media has always been a bit of a mystery to me. Sure, I have a Facebook account, and I check it out sometimes, but you won’t see my status updating once every 20 minutes. Not because my life is so boring -trust me, it’s not-, but I’m a private person. Hell, I won’t even tell you my real name on this blog! And not just because the failing-at-dieting-chick will probably throw a can of Diet Coke at me when she finds out who I am (although there must be more like her out there), but just because it doesn’t matter. And sure, some of my posts will be a bit more of a “look into my daily life”, but I only write to empty my head and amuse people. I don’t need anybody’s sympathy for whatever I might “secretly share” here in the future, I just want y’all to have a good time here. Just to be clear on that :)

Back to the problem… Social media. Facebook. Twitter. Whatever else is out there. In itself, some are a great idea, like Facebook. For me, it’s a great way to keep in touch with relatives and friends who are scattered all over the world. Share some pictures, thoughts, whatever, up to a certain point. For everything that’s none of anybody’s business, there’s Skype, right? But some people just take that shit too far.

Take for instance the “relationship status” thing. Mine’s set to “no answer”, because everybody who needs to know, knows. If I know what my relationship status is myself, that is. But other people have a real status. I understand that, especially when you can set it to “X is in a relationship with REALLY HOT PERSON”. But these statuses, and specifically negative changes in them, make for some pretty good drama, as most of you are probably already well aware of.

Is this really worth getting worked up for? Meh… Not really. But it gets worse. A lot. A while ago, an old friend of mine posted the following (not an exact quote by the way, I tried to translate the best I could):

“We had the 20 week ultrasound. Our baby boy’s skull didn’t develop correctly. As a result of that, he will die before or shortly after birth. We didn’t see this coming”.

After reading that, I didn’t know what to think. Of course, I felt awful for her, but seriously… Posting this on Facebook?! Even after definitely not posting that you’re pregnant in the first place? Come on… What the hell is wrong with you? Are you in that big of a need for attention? And (now I’m gonna get really mean so please skip this part) seriously, how couldn’t you have seen it coming when you picked epic-genetic-failure for a babydaddy?, but that one’s beside the point here.

-FYI, I’m very well aware that it’s a really harsh example, and some of you might think of me as a heartless bitch for using this in my stupid rant, but that’s okay. I’ve never seen myself as a nice person.

Anyway… For the ones that are still with me here; there’s more. Twitter! Who the fuck came up with that? Microblogging is so not my thing because you can’t rant your ass of in only 160 characters or so. I guess it serves a purpose somewhere, but again, people are taking it too far. Twitter oftentimes is too much information, too frequently. Now I can sort of understand why some lunatics would like to share every fart with the rest of the world. But some people RETWEET FARTS! Why, god, why?!?! Don’t you have enough farts of your own?

Of course, it wouldn’t be halfway as annoying if there wasn’t a “love baby” between these. So, by far the worst thing is when Twitterers/Tweeters (?) connect their Facebook account to their Twitter account. I’ve unfriended people for pulling shit like that and updating their status every few minutes. I’ll call you when I start giving a damn, okay?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old-fashioned for this kind of shit. Or maybe I’m just missing the point somewhere. Hell, maybe I’m just plain deranged and uninterested in other people’s colonoscopies. Who knows. All I know is that some things are better left to yourself, and if you really *have* to share, blog anonymously or go see a shrink. I obviously couldn’t afford the latter.

Thanks for reading (and following, I’ve seen you)! And please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject :)



Annoyances: Part I – Every Day I’m Dieting

First off, I want to start by letting you know that I don’t have anyting against dieting in general. It’s a good thing to be aware of what you eat and how you treat your body. But please… Do that shit in private.

Personally, I love food, and I can really enjoy a good meal. So that’s what I do, unlike 90% of the people I talk to. It seems like everybody is so focused on calories and “light” products, it’s turning them into brainless zombies. Again, it’s all fine, until they start bothering me with it.

There’s one person in particular that has a special talent for doing exactly that. She’s very proud of her dieting, and sure, she’s lost some weight. Good for her. But it’s common knowledge that the weight loss is gonna slow down eventually, and you’ll have to work harder to lose more weight. Oh, and it does come in handy to keep watching what you eat after losing that weight. I guess you already see the next part coming… She doesn’t. Well, actually, “she doesn’t” isn’t exactly true, because she does, but I have a feeling that she just isn’t getting the point.

An example; she’s eating some high fiber cereals with yoghurt and dried fruits. Sounds pretty low calorie but saturating, right? Sure. But is it really still that healthy when you add half a pint of  sweetener to it? I wouldn’t say so.

Another one; after the super sweetened cereals, she remains hungry and eats one or two sandwiches, which again isn’t that big of a deal because there’s a lot of diet products out there that you could put on a sandwich; diet cream cheese, diet margarine, whatever you like, there’s a diet version of it. But what does she do? She makes a sandwich LAYERING diet products. Now I know, some things are better when layered, but I’m talking about some seriously unnecessary layering here. Who layers diet ham, diet cream cheese and diet margarine? I mean, seriously, what the fuck? You just tripled your calorie intake, idiot! And you’re complaining that you aren’t losing any weight or even just gaining more? Well, big surprise there!

To me, this is a classic example of “Hey, you’re doing it wrong!”, and I swear, sometimes I just want to slap her for being so stupid. But I don’t… Instead, I enjoy my own yummy food and my full fat Coke, knowing that I’ve found my perfect balance between healthy and tasty, and most importantly, I’m finally happy with who I am and what I look like.

I do want to add a side note, because I feel no-one can ever say it enough times; please be happy with who you are, and only change what YOU don’t like about yourself, and not what society thinks you should change. I promise, in the end you’ll see it was the best thing to do. :)

Thanks for reading, I hope I managed to make at least somebody smile.