Easy & Yummy: Cheese Rolls

Today’s recipe is one that I always used to make for my younger brother every time my parents would go on holiday (giving me the chance to play around in de kitchen as much as I liked), and they never lasted for longer than a day! I believe they’re pretty Dutch (they don’t call us “cheeseheads” (kaaskoppen) for nothing), so if you don’t like cheese, you might want to look away now ;)

It’s going to be a little more complicated than my previous recipe, but I promise they’re worth the trouble. So what do we need?

oil (any vegetable oil should be fine, but you can use butter instead)
25 grams of flour
2dl milk
150 grams of grated cheese, preferably slightly matured
10 sheets of puff pastry
1 egg (optional)

So first, we have to start off with making the filling for the puff pastry. I’m by far not a chef, but I believe this method is fairly common for making all kinds of sauces. First, heat up some oil in a sauce pan, and add the flower. Be sure to keep stirring (I usually use a whisk to avoid clumping), flour tends to burn quickly, and it’s not a fun job to clean your pan afterwards. Let this simmer for approximately 3 mintues, then little by little, add the milk while stirring. The mass will turn into a clump now, but that’s supposed to happen, and it should liquify again after you’ve added all the milk (and if not, little by little add more milk). The texture has to be a bit creamy at this point, like this:


This is what your sauce is supposed to look like now.

The next step is to add the cheese to the mixture. You can do this all at once, but I recommend adding the cheese little by little, to give it a chance to melt in properly.


Adding the cheese, one little bit at a time...

And of course, don’t forget to keep stirring. When you see the old clumps of cheese have disappeared, add more and repeat this until you’re out of cheese. The filling should be done now! Leave it to cool.

Finished adding the cheese... Creamy cheesy goodness!

Take the puff pastry out of the freezer, and put all the sheets on the counter. Make some slices in one half of the pastry, like this:

If you're right-handed, it's best to slice up the left side. I had to learn that the hard way ;)

When the filling has cooled down, it’s time to put it on the “intact” half of the pastry. You can use a spoon for this, but because the cheese mixture is a bit sticky, using your fingers to spread it is the easiest option. Be careful not to overstuff them, cheese tends to leak out if you do. Fold the sliced side over the filling, press the edges of the pastry together (you can use a little water to make it stick better). You can brush some beaten egg or egg yolk over the top part to make the colour a little more golden-y. I’ve put some grated cheese on top of them as well, but that might be a bit of an overdose for some.

All yolked up and good to go!

Pre-heat the oven up to 180°C (hot air oven) or 200°C (electric oven), line a baking tray with non-stick paper, bake the cheese rolls for 15-20 minutes, and… We’re done!

Mmh... Golden and yummy, enjoy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s recipe, thanks for reading!



Easy & Yummy: Chocolate Truffles

Having so much time on my hands from being in between jobs, I decided to spend some time on doing something I really like; playing with food! FYI – that’s my word for cooking :) And yesterday I felt like something chocolate-y… Chocolate truffles, to be exact! It’s insane how easy it is to make these delicious clumps of heaven, and I want to share my recipe with you guys :)

This is what you’ll need;

300 grams of bitter chocolate (70%)
8 tablespoons of whipping cream
unsweetened cocoa powder

Break up the chocolate in small bits, and put them in a heat resistant bowl. You’ll need to melt the chocolate first, “au bain marie” style, so put the bowl into a pan filled with boiling water and stir until the chocolate has melted into a creamy, clumpless mass. Heat up the whipping cream until it’s lukewarm, and add it to the chocolate. Stir this until the mass is even. It might look a bit off at first (light brown liquid with dark bits), but that’s okay, you just need to stir it some more until it becomes smooth and semi-liquidish. Because it’s too liquid to work with, the chocolate mass will have to stiffen in the refrigirator. This will take approximately 60 minutes, depending on the size of your bowl.

When the mass has stiffened enough to be shape-able, you can start making balls from it, either with your hands or by using two teaspoons. The latter option will make them a bit more messy looking, which I personally prefer :) Take a plate, and put a good layer of the cocoa powder on it. Roll the ball of chocolate mass through the cocoa and voilà… A truffle is born! After you’re done, you can put the truffles in the fridge for another hour or so, because the chocolate mass has probably melted a bit. They’re best served at room temperature though, so take the truffles out a little while before serving them!

A little goes a long way with these guys, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your diet ;) And remember… Chocolate is good for you! Bonus feature; you can get as creative with these truffles as you like! Want nuts? Add them! Coconut instead of cocoa? Go crazy! The only limit here is your imagination :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the recipe, and if you decide to make it, let us know how they turned out!

Love, (and chocolate!),