Thank You, Murphy

One of the things that always cracks me up is my old poster of Murphy’s Law. I once got it from a friend, and ever since it’s been hanging on the door of my room at my parents’ place. Since I’ve been absent lately, I figured I’d try and make up with you guys by posting something funny again, so here goes:

So, so true! (Source: Google)

I had to take it off Google somewhere because I won’t be able to take a decent picture of it any time soon, so I apologize for the watermark. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Again my apologies for being so boring and mostly “not here”, I’ve been severely uninspired lately, or maybe I just still am. On top of that, there’s another DIY home improvement project going on so I guess I’m a little preoccupied by that to produce anything useful here.

Thanks for reading, and until another time!



5 responses to “Thank You, Murphy

  1. Whats the home DIY?

    I love this poster too. I once saw a guy with the whole thing written on the back of both of his legs. Hell of a tattoo. Intense shit.

    • Today it’s some isolation shizzle we’re working on, but there’s a few other things that need to be done. Only noticed last winter, hence the late start!

      Holy shit, that is one awesome tattoo indeed! A bit too hardcore for me though, I’d probably stick with just one line… If I could ever pick just one favourite.

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