Jobhunt: Update II

I had my second job interview last week, and it went really well. The guy I had the interview with was a lot of fun and had a sense of humor, which I can really appreciate. So I really thought I might get invited to a second interview, he was going to call me Friday to let me know. Imagine my disappointment when he didn’t call. Not on Friday, not on Monday, hell, not even Tuesday.

So far, five days have gone by, and I haven’t heard from that company. But… I’m not sure if I really mind. I was so excited about that job, but it turned out to be a lot more “sales-y” and less “consultant-y” than I originally figured. Now I do have a lot of Sales experience, but pretty much only with so-called Key Accounts. And that job was more aimed in a cold acquisition kind of direction. Not my forte. At all.

I know, maybe I should give it a try and call them, but I have this ridiculous fear of… Failing. I can’t handle not being good at things! They have sales targets, but targets scare me, and I’m worried that that might make everything even worse. Ugh… I really don’t know what to do. I mean, the company in itself sounded like a lot of fun, and so did the $$$ but… I just don’t know.

So yesterday, I’ve spent a few hours jobhunting again, but this time online through employment agencies. One of them called me straight away, and I have an appointment at the agency in two hours. I’m not quite sure what to think of it though, because I kind of disliked the woman on the phone… Why? Because she implied it was a problem that my previous job (and the job I applied for) was entirely unrelated to my training. I don’t see how being well-educated (I have a bachelor’s degree) is a problem. Especially since I got that degree in one of the most “allround” useful courses there are around (if you don’t count my senior year specialization, that is).

I’m pretty curious if she’s as unlikeable in real life. I’ll try my best to make her understand my point of view though, because to me it really makes a lot of sense to do something that seems unrelated if you don’t think about it. But that’s enough ranting for now… I still have to get ready and dressed and everything.

Thanks again for reading! Any ideas/advice/comments/anything are very welcome :)



Post-appointment edit: I was wrong about her! She was a great help, and a lot of fun :)


5 responses to “Jobhunt: Update II

  1. Good luck and I’m glad you liked her after all. I wouldn’t call back on the other job if the work doesn’t excite you. Find something you are going to enjoy. What was your major, by the way?

    • Thank you, and thanks for the advice as well. The other job didn’t excite me at all, but it’s just that I don’t want to risk losing my apartment because I can’t pay my mortgage any more. It’s a dilemma I hoped I’d never have to face! My major was psychology, with a specialization on biological and cognitive :) Entirely unrelated to any job I might enjoy, haha.

      • I’m sorry to hear that your situation is as bad as that. I guess you may have to take whatever is available for the time being. Just don’t stop looking for the one you can look forward to every morning. :) If I could do it over again, I would have earned a degree in Psychology as well as English. Fascinating field.

      • There’s no need to be sorry, getting laid off wasn’t quite unexpected with a boss like mine ;) So I’ve saved up a little and should be fine for a while. Just hope the right job will come around soon. And yes, Psychology is fascinating, because people are! Although with me, it often leads to over-analyzing *everything* people say and do. I could write a book about what goes on in my head daily!

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