Holy Mother Of Covers: II – Sexy And I Know It

I’m sorry if I’m overdosing a little on the music-related posts, but I couldn’t not share this cover, because it’s way too awesome. Check it out:

My boyfriend introduced me to this song last Friday. Now I have to admit that at first I was sceptical, I just couldn’t see what could possibly make this kid and his guitar so special. But after listening… Sold! I love love love his voice, and I adore the way he makes the song sound… Well, less silly. I’ve heard some more of his songs and he’s amazingly talented, so if you like this one, you should definitely check out the rest of his covers!

And of course, just for the sake of it, the original, which in fact did make me laugh my ass off (and still does): Small warning – if you’re unfamiliar with this video, and easily offended, I suggest you don’t click the “play” button ;)

What are your thoughts on Noah’s version of the song? Like?

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One response to “Holy Mother Of Covers: II – Sexy And I Know It

  1. This is so funny! I heard this song on my son’s station several times before I checked out the video. I was expected a beefed-up black guy. I laughed so hard. Erik sang this at a karaoke restaurant one night. No one could really understand him but everyone cheered him on. I didn’t expect to like the kid’s version but I think he does an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

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