Expect The Expected

So… Yesterday was supposed to be another “D-Day” kind of thing for me. I should’ve known better. I received a text from him telling me he’s having a flu and that we should give it another try next week. Normally, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal, right? Unless… You’ve known this man for 3 years, and have seen him do exactly that to other people all the time. Sure, he might have been sick for real, but to me it sounds like somebody is crying wolf.

I already had a bad feeling about the whole meeting up thing, and I wasn’t the only one. Le man didn’t think I was being paranoid, and my best friend even called me a derp after hearing I was to meet up with him, and told me it would’ve ended badly. (I love you too!) So on the one hand, I was kind of relieved he canceled. But on the other hand, I’m extremely pissed off  that he’s still trying to play his shitty games with me. As if it wasn’t bad enough he made me feel like a criminal.

Right now, I’m in a huge dilemma. I can play nice, pretend it’s all good and give it another go next week, because he might be able to land me a job at some of the firms I’ve worked with the past couple of years. I’ve seen him do it before, albeit with girls he’s slept with. But I can also tell him that he can “strategically place his lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly”*. You’ve probably guessed that this option appeals to me a little more, for the time being. Then again, if I go for option #2, I might not get the job reference I need, which will make it even harder to find something new.

I’m going to have to give this a lot of thought. What would you do if you were in my place? Be nice and wise, or tell him to take a hike?

Thanks for reading, despite my not-so-fun kind of moods!



*Quote is a slightly edited version from the movie Dark Shadows.


4 responses to “Expect The Expected

  1. It sounds like he can’t be trusted. You should probably not have contact with him but you can bow out gracefully, thereby keeping the bridge in tact.

    • Unfortunately, you’re right about him. And I think that is the best option, just have to figure out how to get out gracefully. It seems impossible at this moment, but that’s just me.

  2. I think you are much more mature than he does! And If I were you, I will prefer to meet up at a coffee shop closed to his office rather than having a dinner… ( I can’t imagine having a dinner with my ex-boss though…) but wish you all the luck!! hope you can get a great job reference from him and walk away peacefully.

    • Thank you! And you’re right about the coffee… I didn’t even think of that myself, but it’s a great idea, so thanks for that as well :)

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