Song Of The Day: Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

For today’s Song Of The Day I’ve got a Led Zeppelin classic for you. And guess what… It’s not “Stairway To Heaven”;

Despite the fact that it came out waaaay before I did (pun intended), I absolutely love it. And the melody is really “modern”, it doesn’t have that 70’s feel that songs from the seventies usually have. Does that make sense to anyone else but me?

I do have to admit that every time I hear it, the first thing I think of is Godzilla, due to Puff Daddy/P Diddy/whatever-his-name-is-this-week’s addition to that movie’s soundtrack. Which was -in my opinion- quite awesome as well, especially considering the fact that sampling and/or covering oldschool and awesome songs like Kashmir usually leads to disaster.

What do you think of Kashmir? And do you agree that Diddy did an OK job? What’s your favourite Led Zeppelin song?

Thanks for reading & listening!




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