I’m probably not the only one, but I love to be surprised! In a positive way, that is… A few weeks ago, my boyfriend had me pick between two pictures we’ve taken on trips together. He wouldn’t tell me why I had to do that, so I kept whining (and thinking of insane but possible reasons) for almost two months until one day he was here, and simply stated that I’m really blind. Wait… What? Oh, right. There was a huge box in the living room, which I had completely overlooked!

Of course, the box was supposed to be opened. And in there was… A canvas! This one, to be exact:


Look familiar?

I apologize for the shitty, skewed picture, I took it after we hung the canvas, while standing on a (spinning) bar stool! Some of you might recognize the setting from an earlier post, and indeed, the original picture was taken at the Dulle Griet café in Ghent! This time, we were trying out some new beers from their huge beer menu; the Satan and the Deugniet (which pretty much means “rascal”). Both were very tasty, by the way!

Not only is this the first wall decoration to enter the house, but it’s also a little piece of my favourite place on earth (and an amazing memory), right at home. I love it!

What do you think of my canvas? And can you guess why the post is called “supplies”? ;)

Thanks for reading!




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