YouTube Hopping: Watch The Throne

I love YouTube Hopping; when you start listening to a song on YouTube, and then click on one of the recommendations because you might like that song too, and then again, and again, until you’ve spent two hours hopping through songs. In fact, I’ve spent the last two days doing just that; first with my mom when I was visiting my parents, and the next day with my boyfriend. Mom and I went for really old songs (let’s say between the 70’s and the 90’s), and it was a total blast from the past.

Le man and I, on the other hand, started out with something a little more new(ish), some guy called Twista (I didn’t know him, but shit, that dude raps FAST!), who happened to lead us to Kanye West and Jay-Z, and more specifically their awesome collaboration called Watch The Throne.

Oh, and how awesome it was! It’s very rare that almost every song on an album is good; usually there’s only two or three of them at most. Another exception to that rule is Iron Maiden’s Brave New World, and don’t even get me started on the soundtrack of Queen of the Damned! I think that’s the only album I’ve loved entirely.

Anyway… Back to Watch The Throne. Did I already tell you it was awesome? Oh, yes I did. Well, fuck it, it is. There were only two (yes, two!) songs on it we didn’t really like; “Lift Off” and “That’s My Bitch”. I was kind of bummed out about the latter, because we made a game out of predicting which were going to be good, and I mentioned that one… Fail :( And it wasn’t the only time I was wrong. But that’s okay, because I’ve discovered quite a few new awesome songs, which is always the best part of YouTube Hopping!

I’m curious; do you ever hop through YouTube? And what’s the most awesome thing you’ve found by accident? Let us know in the comments ;)

Thanks for reading, and have a great Easter!




3 responses to “YouTube Hopping: Watch The Throne

  1. Watch the Throne is great because of Kanye West. You should definitely check out his previous album entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You can find the song listing at Wikipedia. If you thought that Watch the Throne was great, you’ll be thrown with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. There was only two songs I didn’t like in it and it was called one of the best albums of 2010.

    As for YouTube hopping, I usually hop through random videos of real people. I type in one thing in the search box and after watching the first video, check out the recommendation and so on until I get bored. When I do get bored, I just type in a new keyword.

    • I know, I’ve had My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on my to-listen list forever, but I keep forgetting to check it out! Now that you say that it’s even more awesome than Watch the Throne, I really ought to prioritize that!

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