The Hunger Games Dilemma: Part II

As I’ve already told you a while ago (in fact, it was my first post ever), I’ve been in a huge dilemma about the Hunger Games movie. But I’ve finally made up my mind! Actually, somebody made it up for me, and I’m going to see it tonight. Yay! I’m really curious how it’s turned out, and if I’m gonna hate it as much as I usually hate screen adaptations. I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s really good, although none of them has read the books… So still not sure what to think. But I’ll let you know!

By the way… Has anybody else been “bothered” by folks bitching that it’s a Battle Royale rip-off? I’ve had exactly that same discussion with my best friend (yes, the Chili Chicken guy!), and later on I’ve come across it a few times as well, for example on;

Hunger Games VS Battle Royale (pic courtesy of

Hunger Games VS Battle Royale (pic courtesy of

Admittedly, it’s fucking hilarious but I’ve seen (and loved) Battle Royale 1 and 2, and I still disagree on this point. Sure, kids are killing each other in gruesome ways (I’ll just assume for now that’s not only in the Hunger books but in the movie as well), but there’s more of a storyline to Hunger Games. Oh well, either way I think I’ve won the discussion, because it was my best friend’s idea to see it tonight. Ha!

So… Wish me luck! Or don’t… Bitching about the movie will make a far more interesting post ;)

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6 responses to “The Hunger Games Dilemma: Part II

  1. Battle Royale… First time I saw it on DVD, I saw it a couple of times after that. Battle Royale 2? Not so much. But still interesting. Loved how the director managed to continue the story. As for Hunger Games ripping of Battle Royale, perhaps Collins drew inspiration from it. Or subconsciously heard the plot of it. Then she added some story to it. Either way, as with Battle Royale and Hunger Games, the final sequel wasn’t that good in my viewpoint. Mockingjay wasn’t good enough. There’s that!

    • Amen to that! Final sequels never seem all that good to me, which is really too bad. I’m going to read Sergei Lukyanenko’s “Watch” tetralogy soon (maybe you’ve seen the movie of the first book, Night Watch), and I really hope I won’t be disappointed. Especially since it was a trilogy to begin with, so both the thrid and fourth book might be not good enough!

      • Yeah. I haven’t read the books yet but I have watched Night Watch and Day Watch a couple of times before. Definitely will see if I can get my hands on those books.

      • Damn, I still haven’t seen Day Watch entirely! But it doesn’t matter, I don’t think they’ll film the last two anyway. I got the books in English from Amazon, but I’ve seen them around eBay too, maybe that helps :)

      • Yeah, I think that helps. I heard that they were going to combine the last two books into one movie called the Twilight Watch but I think it got stuck in developement hell. That or combining the last two books into one massive movie is damn near impossible.

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