It’s All Over Now…

Sooo… Yesterday was “D-Day”; my last day at work. I think it was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done! After spending pretty much the whole weekend contemplating on what I was gonna say, the “moment of revelation” was finally there… And what a disappointment it was! Actually, I think disappointment isn’t quite the right word, it was more of an anticlimax. I probably got worked up too much about it; my stomach was pretending to be a rollercoaster all day, but in the end I didn’t even cry. Still trying to figure out how I managed that!

And today, it’s all over. It feels weird. But it feels good at the same time. I’m even a bit proud of myself for the way it went; my dad has taught me to “not slam the door behind me” (although literally translated he actually said “don’t close the door with your ass”, but that’s not really poetic now, is it?), and I didn’t. I didn’t cry either. I said everything I meant to say, said goodbye to pretty much everybody, and told the few “special ones” that we’ll keep in touch.

In a way, it’s not that much different from breaking up after a long relationship (apart from the fact that it was a friendly break-up, not really my specialty). Maybe that’s why I don’t really feel anything; maybe it needs to kick in first. We’ll see about that later, but right now, another door has opened, so I’m gonna see if I’ll get in… But more on that another time.

Thanks for reading, and sticking with me during my not-so-amusing-emo-times!




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