Football/Soccer: Here’s Johnny!

I love football (what some of you know as soccer), and I spend a great part of the weekend watching the Eredivisie (the Dutch Premier League) with my man. I don’t watch every game because not all of them are interesting to me, but since the man is a huge Feyenoord (Rotterdam) supporter, I’ve taken over some of his “hooliganism”, and we’ve seen pretty much every game they’ve played. And oh, what a difference to last year it is! Not only is 2011/2012 in itself probably one of the most exciting Eredivisie seasons I’ve ever seen, but Feyenoord has been playing insanely well. Where they finished last season somewhere near the bottom, right now they’re in the 5th place with 7 more games to go! Which means they’re still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model this year’s champion!

One of the reasons of their sudden awesomeness is… John Guidetti! Feyenoord loaned him from Manchester City for a year, and by god, I don’t remember seeing somebody play as passionately as he does. And with result; Feyenoord hardly ever lost a game, partially due to John’s talent for hattricks.

Guidetti, a.k.a. Driedetti, since "drie" is the Dutch word for "three".

For a long time, things were going great for Feyenoord, until Guidetti got suspended a few weeks ago for taking off his shirt (I still disagree with the fact they punish the players for that). Long story short, he missed only one game, but when he played again he just… Well, sucked. For a few weeks in a row. No more goals, no more hattricks, no more nothing :(

But yesterday that changed; he scored again! Only once, but hell, it’s better than nothing, and it’s a good sign, right? This is gonna sound really lame, but my eyes filled with tears after that goal. Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny’s back! Unfortunately, it’s also been announced that after this season (the remaining 7 games), he’s going back to Manchester City :( I really hope he’ll get his original groove back now, so that we can at least enjoy his brilliance for these few games left!

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6 responses to “Football/Soccer: Here’s Johnny!

  1. Well, for someone who was loaned and shines at the loaned club, the original club will most likely take the player back because you know, that’s the reason they loaned the player in the first place, to improve them. Hey, I wouldn’t be surprised that Guidetti purposely not score goals so that he won’t go back to City. Things like that happen. They love their new club on loan and will do crazy stuff to stay there. Or he really lost form. Anyways, its always nice to see people who support football (or soccer) simply because their loved ones loves it. It happens to me to in Malaysia. When its football time, the family gather.

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but in the end he didn’t play any more at all, due to a pretty bad injury :( City did take him back, and I really hope that when he gets better, they’ll let him play some more. It would be a waste of talent to keep him on reserve!
      How’s football in Malaysia anyway? Do you have your own clubs like here in Europe etc. or is it different? I’m sorry if that may seem like a silly question, I just don’t remember seeing Malaysia in any World Championships. We’ve got the European Championships coming up, really looking forward to that now!

      • Hahaha… It’s not your fault. The national football team is really prominent in Southeast Asia but internationally, we’re ranked below 100. So that pretty much makes us one of the underdogs in football. But we did try to qualify for the World Cup though despite failing time and time again.

        As for the clubs, we have our own league called the Super League and also the Premier League. Most Super League clubs are states in our country but if they play bad, they get relegated to the Premier League which consists mostly of corporation sponsored teams. Not that much competition as only a couple of teams are likely to fight for the trophy.

        And I’m also looking forward the Euros. I’m supporting Germany and Spain but with Van Persie at the helm of the Netherlands, they are a force to be reckoned with.

      • Hahaha, thanks for the explanation, it is highly appreciated :) Oh well, at least you give it a try! And who knows, someday it might even work out. It is too bad that your Premier League isn’t as exciting as it should be though!

        But dude… Germany AND Spain? Noooo! Haha, just kidding. But those are the two countries we hate most this year, especially Spain after that awful World Championship final in 2010. I do have to mention that in my opinion, Van Persie is truly overrated. I’m fully aware that he’s been amazing at Arsenal, but in the 2010 national team I’ve only seen him mess up. But who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised this year.

      • Sorry to hear you hate Germany AND Spain. Hahaha.. I support them because I am a BIG fan of Chelsea. One of our most famous ex-players was Michael Ballack and he played to Germany once. That’s why I support Germany. For Spain, well, despite the many Barcelona and Real Madrid player, I just look at Fernando Torres who is now a true blue player.

        As for Van Persie, I think he will shine. His league form was phenomenal and who knows, maybe he’ll avenge the Dutch after their defeat to Spain in 2010?

      • Hahaha I personally don’t really hate Germany, probably because I’m not a born Dutchie so there’s no “natural rivalry”. Plus, I usually think they play well. And yes, Ballack was awesome! It is too bad he won’t play for Germany any more.

        Spain on the other hand… Well, I didn’t have anything against them until 2010 haha! But true, Torres has turned around like 360 degrees in the last few weeks! So who knows what he’ll come up with. All in all, I think these Euros ought to be really, really interesting!

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