Writing: A Love Story – 2009

Writing is one of my hobbies, which I guess makes sense since I’ve decided to start blogging. True stories, fiction, poetry, songs, you name it, I’ve done it. And I’ve decided to share one of my stories with you.

A few years ago, when I was still in college, I had to do a practical in the dissection lab, which, together with the events following said practical, inspired me to write a little story;

“There he was, his hands coated in blue nitrile gloves. His appearance had something godlike. Lovingly, he touched the gyri of the set of brains he was holding. Despite the short rush of jealousy I felt -he was touching somebody else there- I smiled. He started amputating pieces of brain with the scalpel he took right from under my nose. Oh well, subtlety never was my thing anyway. I decided to use the knife that was left; a device of exceptional proportions, compared to which Excalibur was little more than a mere potato peeler.

Despite the cold in the dissecting room, I was warm, something that accumulated every time I looked at him. He plucked at some fibers in the cerebellum, while I was trying to find the amygdala. Again, my eyes fell on him, and then I knew: I love this man. I could have said it, I wanted to say it, but something stopped me. Instead, I simply mentioned that the slices of brain reminded me of kebab. “Charming”, I thought to myself. Despite having a huge knife in my hands, I felt weak. What was that scalpel manipulating god doing to me? Quickly, I dismissed that thought. It was probably just the formalin wafting through the room.

I tried to ignore this vague train of thought, and moved my focus to cutting myself a way to the hippocampus in my sagitally cut brain half. At the same time, I envisioned a wedding where, instead of cutting a cake, the bride and groom were cutting through a pair of brains. I had a hard time not bursting out in laughter, because in a weird, morbid way, this was romantic. Okay, so maybe the bright, unflattering TL lights replaced the candles, the wine was absent, and a fat man in a bloody lab coat was keeping an eye on us, but the feeling was still the same. This was love. In her finest form.”

Yes, this is entirely based on true events, although I’ve exaggerated a little for the sake of a good read ;) Despite the fact that the guy from the story and I have stopped loving each other a few years ago, it’s still one of my favourite stories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed, feel free to comment/bash/criticize/whatever :)




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