Hello, Karma! What’s Your Point?

Call me silly, but I believe in karma. In my own way, that is. So I try my best to be a “good” person, and do good instead of bad. I fail at it a lot, but hell, I guess it’s the intention that counts. So far, I believe my karma hasn’t been all that bad; if you’d make an equation out of the good things and bad things that happen to me, the end result would be heaving toward good. I can manage that.

A few days ago I received a phone call from an unknown number. I picked up, but nothing happened, so I figured it was just a telemarketeer (aren’t those awful?). Then it rang again, from the same number. Again, I picked up…

“Hi, this is (name) from (huge company). We saw your resumé and we were wondering if you’d be interested in the position of buyer for our music and film department”

(I applied for another job (Junior Buyer New Category) at that company a few weeks earlier, and got a letter back saying they had found somebody else for that job. So I guess you can imagine my surprise, especially if they rated me good enough for a higher position!)

And then… My phone died. Randomly. So she called me again. And it died. Again. And then a few times more. So I was all like “OH SHIIIIIT WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?!”, and decided to call back. Unfortunately, the phone number displayed was their front desk phone, and I’m lousy as fuck at remembering names. Luckily, I knew which department she was in, and after that it was a 50-50 chance I got the right person. And it worked! She said one of the managers there really wanted me to come over for a talk, so in a few days, I’m having my first interview there :) I’m super excited, although the job in itself is quite different from what I’ve been doing as a buyer so far. But I love being a buyer, and it’s a chance to learn (to buy) something else, so I hope I can make it work… Wish me luck!

But where does karma fit in here? Well, the fact that I got a callback that awesome was really good karma to me (because I’ve been super nice to everybody who screwed me over at my current work place, probably), but my phone dying… What the hell? My phone never dies mid-talk! Karma was confusing me! But I guess so far it’s turned out good :) Thank you, karma! You probably dislike my boss as much as I do!

Anyway… Thanks for reading!

Love, (with fingers crossed!),



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