Blue Monday, Every Monday

Aaaand… It’s Monday again! Guess what? I hate Mondays. Pretty much every single one of them, not just that infamous blue one. They’re always the same to me; the first day of getting up early five days in a row, the first day of work, the first day of longing for the weekend. Nothing to like here, and if it were for me, I’d add Mondays to the weekend. We can worry about blue Tuesdays later!

But despite the fact that a lot of people strongly dislike the first day of the week, Monday can also be an inspiration, as you can see with these songs (which are, by the way, not all “blue”):

1. New Order – Blue Monday (1983) – And there’s of course the 1998 cover by Orgy!
2. Rialto – Monday Morning 5:19 (1997)
3. The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays (1979)
4. The Bangles – Manic Monday (1986)
5. Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays (1985)
6. Fats Domino – Blue Monday – (1956)
7. Jordin Sparks – Permanent Monday (2007)
8. Louis Armstrong – A Monday Date (1928)
9. The Verve – Make It Till Monday (1993)
10. Snow – Lonely Monday Morning (1993)

And this is just a small selection, in random order, and not everything’s according to my taste in music. My personal favourite here is Blue Monday by New Order, although I love Orgy’s version too. One of those is always my “on my way to work on Monday” song!

What do you think about Mondays? And what’s your favourite Monday song?

Thanks for reading!




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