Useless Talents: Coin Flipping Queen

I love to learn new things and acquiring new skills, no matter if they’re super useful or just totally useless. You can almost say I’m a collector of “talents”, or addicted to knowledge maybe. I’m not super talented or smart or whatever (although, compared to some people…), it’s just that I have one real talent, and that is that I learn quickly. Ridiculously so. Combine that with my need for learning, and voilà, you get a lot of (useless) skills.

My biggest inspiration for this has been my dad. And seriously, he’s the awesomest person in the whole world. Even in my twenties, my dad is still some kind of a god to me. He seems to know everything! And a lot of the practical things I know, I’ve learned from him. Hell, the other day he explained to me how to build a roof on a house, without having the risk that it collapses when there’s huge snowfalls. God knows if I’ll ever need to know that, but if I ever get to build a house, I know exactly what to do!

Anyway… Yesterday I’ve acquired a new skill. I’ve learned to flip a coin. With a forklift truck, that is. Since this sounds a bit weird, and most of you probably haven’t driven a forklift truck either, I’m going to try to explain what the point of this “skill” is. Basically, you’re supposed to lift a coin onto your forklift. So you put a coin on the floor, and try to get it onto your fork, by using the truck only. Apparently, this is used in forklift-license-exams, because it shows you can manage “small movements” with the truck, or something like that.

I don’t know when I’m ever going to use or need this, but I’m still having a bit of an adrenaline rush just from the fact that I can do it. But it gets better; I’m currently holding the record because I managed to do it on my second try. Without ever having driven a forklift truck (or car, for that matter) before. Yeah, I’m the freakin’ Coin Flipping Queen!

Oh well, if nothing else, at least this skill has led to something to blog about ;)

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!



P.S.: Do you have any useless skills you think I should learn?

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