Twilight Saga: To Read Or Not To Read?

It’s time for another movie/book dilemma, just a tad different; to read or not to read? I’ve been considering to try to go through the Twilight Saga. The pressed version, that is. Why in hell would you want to read about sparkly vampires, you ask? Well… Beats me. I guess I really like the book covers ;) And I might have heard that the books are way better than the movie, and being, well, me, I tend to believe that’s possible.

I’m a little OCD-ish when it comes to books; if I start on a series or trilogy or whatever, I *need* to read own all of them. I don’t care how many they are, they must be in my collection. And read. In the case of the Twilight Saga, there’s four of them, and books don’t come cheap where I’m from. Especially when they suck. So the real question here is; should I invest my rare time and even more rare money into this?

Admittedly, I’ve watched the first movie a few months ago. Not because I really wanted to, but because I was bored and there wasn’t anything else on TV. And in a way, it amused me. Not so much that it turns me into a drooling idiot whenever I see what’s-his-face-playing-Edward-Cullen, but more like… Oh hell, I don’t know. I’ve even considered looking at the rest if they happened to cross my path… I think you could call that “passive interest” or something. I guess it has something to do with girls being attracted to sparkly shit ;)

Now I’ve had a thing for vampire related everything pretty much as long as I can remember. I’ve seen all three (yes, there’s three, but don’t bother with the second two) Dracula movies, I’ve seen all the episodes of True Blood (and read all the books, plus I have pre-ordered the latest), I even read the first four Vampire Diaries. Apparently, there’s a TV series of that one as well, but there’s no way in hell gonna watch that shit, because I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a persona in a book as much as that Elena Gilbert chick. Damn. And then there’s -of course- Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan/The Hollows series. Read and loved. Hell yeah.

I’m probably forgetting a few, but the main point here is that all those vampires are dark, sexy and dangerous. Not blonde, sparkly and underage-looking. So why am I even considering Twilight? Especially now that I’ll see Kristen Stewart’s face all the time when I’m reading? Seriously… WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! You know what… Don’t answer that.

Yeah, I’m losing my fucking mind. So I need your help… Should I give Twilight a shot? Or should I just shoot myself throught the fucking head for just considering it?

Thanks for reading!




8 responses to “Twilight Saga: To Read Or Not To Read?

  1. hi! i’m a 21 year old girl from Peru… i read all the books a few years ago, i lasted a week to finish them all! i have to say i finished reading the books before the premiere of the first movie on the cinemas… i also have read the books o the vampire diaries… so i hope what i’m about to tell you…helps your decision..
    i really loved and got caught in the books of twilight, i even hated the wolves…. the way the story is written and described is romantic, silly, realistic… but as any book… the story drags you into it so … ok i’m sorry i think i’m just talking to much haha. anyway… i think you should read them, i know they are expensive, but maybe you could buy the books online and read them online, those are far cheaper… i think you will like them…
    note: i really don’t like the movies, its like it describes the book, but the movies have weak style and concept of what the book meant really for a teenage girl reading it… so well i hope i helped you :)

  2. Hahaha… The couple-of-years of question for those who haven’t read the book. Stephen King loathed it but millions loved it. In some ways, I am like you. Once, I bought a book in a trilogy and I didn’t like it. But nonetheless, I still bought the rest of the trilogy because my collection just had to be complete. But moving to Twilight, I have all four books. Reading it, I didn’t think it was at all bad. You may even like it if you’re read the Sookie books. Think of Twilight as a watered down version of Sookie. The movies don’t quiet do justice for tge books. In my opinion, you would not be disappointed.

  3. Definitely read! And I’m not patronizing or anything, I’m actually not a great fan of the books. But I find that if one deems their dislike for something, they should at least be educated. So I transform from an ignorant asshole to a well-informed asshole.

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