Movie Time: The Butterfly Effect

As mentioned earlier in my Hunger Games post, I’m not really a movie person. It’s not like I don’t like movies or anything, it’s just hard for me to find a movie that can catch and keep my attention the way books can. The other day my boyfriend and I decided to watch “The Butterfly Effect”. And now, after seeing it for the first time, I almost feel ashamed that I’ve had a copy for almost 5 years, and just boycotted it because Ashton Kutcher was playing the main character (nothing agains Ashton, really, but he just didn’t seem credible to me, in a “serious” movie).

Now, I can’t really describe how I felt after watching this movie. In a way, I hated it, because it’s so incredibly sad how everything Evan does to make things better, in the end makes everything worse. The story was so well made up, I don’t think there was a second I lost my focus and interest. And that ending… So, so sad and beautiful at the same time, it got both of us crying! Of course, the beautiful Oasis song during the credits wasn’t making things better for us either;

What I also loved about this movie, is that it just got me thinking, you know? It sounds really lame, but after seeing it, and especially the way it ended, I just appreciate everything I have a little bit more.

All in all, I think this one’s going into my top 10! And for all of you who haven’t seen it yet: GO SEE IT NOW! I promise, it’s gonna be 2 hours of your life very well spent.

Have you seen The Butterfly Effect? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!




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