Song of the Day: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

I don’t know how it works for most people, but I always have some kind of music in my head. For me, that can range from a Slayer song that I love, to something that’s so ridiculously catchy that it just won’t leave my mind, to a song that has a special meaning to me. Today’s song is something else, though:

I actually didn’t know this song nor band until a few days ago, when my brother sent me the link in an e-mail saying “I bet you’re like this when you’re alone”. Despite the fact that curiosity killed the cat, I decided to take a look, and the song’s been stuck in my head ever since! Oh, and in case you were wondering… My brother was right ;)

I love the happy “feel” of this song, despite the not-so-happy lyrics, and the way that man in the video is dancing and lipsynching is just super amusing without being lame. And look at those moves! They’re pretty damn legendary! He’s even been on an episode of Ellen Degeneres‘ talkshow too – and man, she’s got some moves herself!

Did you already know this song? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading!




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